The Basics of Transfer Cases in Off-Road Industrial Applications – What to Know

In Off-Road Vehicles, the transfer case plays a pivotal role in transferring power from the transmission to the front and rear axles.  Their ability to deliver maximum power and allow all-purpose applications is a necessity for Off-Highway vehicle performance.

One might ask: What exactly is a Transfer Case?  – That’s where we come in. 

The transfer case in a nutshell

A transfer case is included in the drivetrain of “four-wheel-drive” & “all-wheel drive” vehicles.  Its main purpose is to split the engine power of the vehicle to both the front and rear axles. This allows the vehicle to propel both the front wheels and the rear wheels at once, giving the vehicle twice the traction as a traditional “one axle drive”.  

Purpose of a transfer case

The transfer case synchronizes the difference between the rotation of the front and rear wheels.  It consists of one or more sets of low gears which allow the operator of the vehicle to determine how much torque gets distributed to the front and rear axles when the vehicle is in motion.  The transfer case also allows the vehicle to evenly distribute power throughout the entirety of the vehicle, which gives the vehicle more traction in its heavily weighted areas. This capability of the transfer case is what allows off-road vehicles to move easily on difficult terrains.

Top maintenance tips

To ensure that your transfer case lasts and is working properly, it is necessary to know how to check and maintain your transfer case on a regular basis. Below are some maintenance tips for you:

Regular check: Make sure to inspect the transfer case every time you are changing its oil. It is imperative that the transfer case has enough lubricant to run smoothly.

Maintenance interval: Check the owner’s manual of your vehicle to know the maintenance interval for the transfer case.  Timely maintenance plays a key role in the longevity of your transfer case’s useful life.

Frequent fluid or oil change: Perform regular fluid/oil changes of the transfer case to sustain its optimal performance and overall functionality. Make sure to use the appropriate lubricant specified by the manufacturer.

Common issues with a transfer case

It’s extremely important to be wary of common issues that may arise from your transfer case. These common issues include the following:

  • Difficulty in switching to various modes
  • Partial operation in some modes only
  • Lack of all-wheel drive operation

Should your truck shows some signs of the transfer case issues mentioned above, have it checked and examined by a qualified service professional.

Final words

At this point, you now have a good idea of what a transfer case is. It is important to know how this component plays a vital role in your industrial vehicle’s operation. Also, always remember to be wary of the common issues that can arise and be sure to follow some of the maintenance tips outlined above.

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